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TECHT Labs is a development studio building products using the latest in no code / low code and A.I. to lower barriers to entry to MVP development. TECHT Labs with founders in expertise in their field and run venture validation sprints. From initial validation, TECHT can help startups scale to product market fit to $100m+ valuation.

Are you a founder with domain expertise and found a problem that can be solved and automated by software? Let's talk. 

Our Process

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Venture Validation

Idea validation includes surveys, focus sessions and market research to narrow down on solving a specific problem.

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No Code / Low Code Infrastructure

Utilise the latest no code / low code infrastructure including server deployment, smart contract security review and wallet creation to decrease development overheads. 

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Product Analytics

TECHT utilises up to date Product Analytics tools such as Mixpanel, HotJar and Segment to be able to improve user experience and conversions. 

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Wireframe and Rapid Prototypes

Utilising Figma, TECHT can develop high definition prototypes and demos to validated the product with potential users before going to market.

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TECHT developers utilise A.I. to make them 10x engineers currently reducing development time required by 30% again lowering barriers to entry to building MVPs and running venture validation sprints.

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Iterate to Product Market Fit

Iterate from user feedback and product analytics to break down the Lean Analytics required to meet Product Market Fit.

TECHT Labs Portfolio


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