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TECHT Labs is a development studio building product from the ground up. TECHT Labs builds products from scratch with startups, scaleups, SMEs and large corporate in various industries ranging from blockchain protocols in web3, I.O.T., e-commerce, mobile and AI/ML .


TECHT Labs also builds products to be launched from the TECHT Venture Builder program where products built in TECHT Labs can launched with a Go to Market commercial co founder (Apply Here).

Our Process

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Venture Validation

Idea validation includes surveys, focus sessions and market research.

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Agile Development

Features are broken down into 2 week sprints with daily stand up managed on JIRA. Implementing version control and complete product documentation in Confluence.

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Product Management

TECHT utilises Aha! a Product Management tool to manage the full lifecycle of the product. From Goals, Initiatives, Epics, Ideas, Road map Product Analytics.

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Wireframe and Rapid Prototypes

Utilising Figma, TECHT can develop high definition prototypes and demos to validated the product with potential users before going to market.

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Q.A. and Testing

TECHT implements Test Driven Development to ensure high code coverage and modular characteristics of the source code. Before every release, our QA team review deliverables and implement automated testing procedures.

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Iterate to Product Market Fit

Iterate from user feedback and product analytics to break down the Lean Analytics required to meet Product Market Fit.

TECHT Labs Portfolio


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