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Empowering innovation through decentralised technologies

Transform your vision into a decentralised reality with TECHT, a specialist web3 venture studio utilising the latest A.I. / no code infrastructure to lower barriers of entry for entrepreneurs.

Security compliant

Flexibility & Scalability

Cross chain approach

Describe your project idea below and TECHT's A.I. + NO CODE STACK GENERATOR will detail what tools and technologies you can use for features such as wallet, payments, smart contract security to reduce costs and streamline the development process, reduce barriers to entry for builders.. 

The Future of Work is fractionalised. TECHT is working to facilitate the Future of Work in the software development space by building technologies for rapid developer deployment, payroll and vetting utilising smart contract technology and artificial intelligence. TECHT has built a suite of products, swipe to view the different offering innovating in the Future of Work.

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The Future of Work
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Case Studies

Vulcan Forged is the ultimate web3 ecosystem known for Vulcan Studios, its web3 gaming studio; Elysium, a carbon-neutral Layer-1 blockchain; and MetaScapes, its upcoming Metaverse-as-a-Service project. Powered by $PYR and $LAVA, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem has over 10 NFT and gaming projects, including the popular VulcanVerse and Berserk, a strong and growing community of 20,000+ members, and deliver the best immersive experience for gamers
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About Us

Did you know that by 2025, 50% of the digital talent will be freelancer and open talent?

Optimize for the the future workforce with rapid developer deployment. TECHT is a boutique web3 venture studio with our team members having worked as Head of Product and Engineering Lead at high growth scale ups that have raised and generated in the tens of millions of funding and revenue from the 0 to 1 process. We have also worked at large corporates and built SaaS tools for enterprise.


Our team members have been featured in the Financial Times Top 100 Leaders in Technology as well advising the United Nations Development Program. Our team are also present on the BSI (British Standards Institute) on creating standards for blockchain adoption worldwide.

TECHT can spin out MVPs to run venture validation sprints using A.I. and no code/  low code infrastructure, lowering barriers of entry for entrepreneurs.

Are you a founder with deep domain expertise solving a problem you've experienced in your workflow? Let's talk.  


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