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Match with verified and thoroughly vetted development houses and developers to launch your project in 48 hours

Verified Matching

Using an A.I. based recommendation engine, get matched with the most relevant Development House or Candidate
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Smart Contract as a Service

Use a cutting edge no code smart contract solution to create agreements between two parties
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Validation and Escrow

Get code and deliverables validated by experts with funds and code stored in escrow until approval
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TECHT Verifies Development Houses and candidates based on several criteria including portfolio, references, ISO standards, credit rating and operational efficiency. Download the TECHT framework for Development House here. TECHT can recommend a plug and play solution that includes in house recruitment complemented by partly outsourcing to a Development House, dedicated in house recruitment or complete project outsourcing.
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TECHT will develop a smart contract to facilitate the agreement between two parties. Deliverables and milestones are added into the contract along with validators. Validators can review deliverables on whether it meets the requirements specification. The Smart Contract is enforceable under the UK law with processes for dispute management. This can be enforced on your own development house you have sourced yourself or matched with by TECHT.

Smart Contracts are built run on the Etherum blockchain and are written in Solidity. The following type of Smart Contracts are.

  • ERC-20 token contracts
  • ERC-721 Smart Contracts
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TECHT will validate code and software delivery alongside expert partners ‘techUK(’ who have been in industry for 30+ years. Software validation takes place that clients can be satisfied that the code delivered to them is an acceptable standard and is fit for purpose. Software code and funds can be held in escrow until all parties are satisfied with the arrangement.  Validation services include validation whether the code:
  • Is accessible
  • Is readable
  • Are virus-free
  • Is encrypted and associated encryption keys/passwords are correct
  • Licence compliance management analysis
  • Results of user acceptance testing
  • Code maintainability, sustainability, security and performance
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