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For Developers

TECHT can unlock opportunities for developers across the world. Be the future of the workforce, the fractionalized, remote workforce where talent thrives based on skill rather than location.

Submit your application to the upcoming TECHT Developer cohort which runs from January - March 2024and is currently accepting applications.


Sign Up

Sign up with the form below with a link to your GitHub profile and LinkedIN to start your application and then a member of our team will be in touch.


Initial Interview 

Once you have passed the initial screening, a member of the TECHT team will set up an interview with our technical advisors who will have a chat on your skillset.


Technical Task

Once you have progressed based on your communication and working style, we will set a technical task for you to complete which will be the final stage of your application. The task should take no longer than 1 / 2 hours. 


Build your Profile

Once you are onboarded as a TECHT developer, the journey has only started. We will get you ready for remote development, train you in your communication, assign you a TECHT mentor to guide you on your career and start the placement process into interesting projects.

Let's Work Together

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