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Agile. Remote.

Scale your technology team on demand. Match with vetted, global, remote developer talent in 48 hours using A.I. with up to 70% cost efficiency.

Vigorous Vetting

Flexibility & Scalability

Collaborative Approach

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How It Works

Access top quality skilled developer talent from with a rapid developer deployment process by sending an inquiry to start the process and get matched within 48 hours at up to 70% cost efficiency.

TECHT have conducted rigorous testing on developers. Our technical team individually vet developers on their skillset, frameworks they work, portfolio, references and communication skills.

Onboarding and interview process include setting up an initial call with the developers, setting a quick task / reviewing developer GitHub profile.

Upon submitting a request, you will be matched with a dedicated account manager who will send over initial candidates to review and work with you to get you over the finish line.

TECHT handles all payroll and HR requirements from paying developers tax in different jurisdictions to any other HR related queries, goodbye to long winded payroll.


The fractionalized remote workforce will enable organisations to hire talent for specific projects (1 month, 3 months or 12 months) with up to 70% cost efficiency compared to in house full time alternatives.


Hire in key areas your team can be complemented with certain skill sets as required. Hire developers individually or complete teams including Product Managers, Architects, Data Scientists, QA Engineers as well as developers front end and back end.

Cross platform 

Secure Access

Total Design

Explore Developer Selection Options

Pricing options are simple and are categorized by developers at different seniority.

  • Senior Developer

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • 7+ years experience
    • Node, Java, Python, PHP, .Net
    • Payroll included

The Future of Work

Did you know that by 2025, 50% of the digital talent will be freelancer and open talent?

Optimize for the the future workforce with rapid developer deployment. TECHT is a boutique technology solution solutions firm with our team members having worked as Head of Product and Engineering Lead at scale ups that have raised in the tens of millions and also worked at large corporates worldwide.


We understand your pain points directly from experience of scaling teams at venture funded startups. Onboard talent for specific projects and initiatives by utilising the global remote talent pool. Graduates from the TECHT Academy run across South East Asia are highly skilled talented developers and ready for work. 

A Glance at Developer Salaries Worldwide




What Our Clients Say

TECHT was able to provide two top class developers to build out our full product solution which enabled cost efficiencies and reduced time to launch.

TECHT helped us build our product from conceptualization, requirements gathering, wire framing, design and delivery as we continue to build on that base.

Astel Ventures

TECHT enabled us to get our product to market as soon as possible, without expensive hiring processes, we were matched with a developer in Malaysia in 48 hours who made our designs a reality.


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